Earring Repair

Earring Repair

Does your favorite earring need repair?

Do any of your favorite earrings need to be repaired or replaced? Has a stone fallen out of one of your earrings, or has it come away from the post or clip?

At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair we work with every style of earring, from studs, hoops and creoles to drop earrings and clip-ons. Often it’s the earring fitting that breaks from wear and tear – the post/stem or hook, or the clasp for clip-ons. With our state-of-the-art laser welder we can repair any earring no matter whether it’s platinum, gold, silver or costume. Sometimes a precious or semi-precious stone will fall out, in which case we can provide a match based on the remaining intact earring and place it securely in its setting.

We can even adapt a favorite pair of earrings, such as changing clip earrings to pierced and vice versa, and adapting drop earrings to studs. This is a popular option for making family heirlooms passed through the generations more wearable and contemporary.

Here are just a few of the earring repair services that we can provide:

  • Stud earring repair
  • Diamond earring repair
  • Earring replace clips for posts
  • Earring repair for gold, white gold, silver, platinum
  • Replacement stones for earrings

All repair services performed on-site. Select a location below and drop by or call us today!

Have your earrings repaired while you wait!