Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing

One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

At Fast-Fix we take pride in the quality of our work-especially ring sizing. Being able to size a ring properly is a really important skill when you’re a jeweler and we always know we’ve done it right when the customer says “I can’t even tell where you sized it!”. When sizing a ring larger or smaller we take care to make sure that if stones are present the prongs are tight and the stones are in place after the work is finished and warranty for one year.

All of our jewelers have had years of experience at the bench and are well versed in the art of ring sizing. It takes great skill to cut the back of the ring, add a piece of gold and blend it in with the style of the ring while making sure the back of the ring is not thinned out. Sizing a ring smaller can present even more difficulties. Our jewelers spend the time to check the center and side stones; guaranteeing they stay in place after we size the ring. And you have a one-year warranty!

Expandable Shanks

For those with painful arthritis and beautiful rings-you have a problem! It’s difficult to wear your rings when you can’t get them over your enlarged knuckle. At Fast-Fix, our jewelers specialize in expandable shanks and other solutions so that you can wear your rings again.

Sizing Beads

For top-heavier engagement rings which often twist and spin around on your finger, or if your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger, then sizing beads are a good solution. Sizing beads are small metal knobs placed on the inner shank of the ring to hold it in place against your finger. Sizing beads will adjust the ring size by about 1/4 of a size.

Sizing Silver

Sizing a silver ring is a whole different process than sizing a gold ring. David Yurman, James Avery, Judith Ripka, Tiffany, Cartier and other expensive silver rings simply can’t be sized using traditional methods and many jewelers won’t even attempt it. At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair, we specialize in sizing silver rings with our laser welder technology. We can make sure the stones are preserved during the process and we can restore the original finish of the ring.


How much does it cost to size a ring? At Fast Fix we get asked that question every day on the phone. And it is a difficult question to answer without having the ring in our hands. Width of the shank, thickness of the shank, diamond, colored stone, size, and material are just a few of the factors we take into account when we’re quoting a price for our service.

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